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There are no mountains left to climb…

November 27, 2009

At least on this planet.

The peak of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, was reached on the 26th May 1953.  That was over fifty years ago. Since then there have been literally no mountains left to climb on this planet.  There are five mountains that are higher then Mount Everest on Mars.  The biggest is Olympus Mons which is three times bigger than Everest.  (It’s 17 miles high.  I’m sure hardcore climbers would be salivating over the prospect of being the first to reach the top.

We’ve done so much of the stuff that there is to be done on earth.  Some of the harshest terrain on our planet now boasts luxury hotels and spas.  Cruise ships go to Alaska and you can get mobile phone reception on the summit of Everest.  There still plenty more things to discover on this planet, that’s true, but there’s even more on Mars.

Artist impression of Ben Fogle being the first to conquer the highest peak on a terraformed Mars